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Greetings Traveller, why not rest a moment and check out our site.

The Rulers Of Westernesse is a kinship started by friendly helpful players for friendly helpful players.

We do not have any level, race or class requirements and all players will be treated equally.

Our aim is to have fun, and we will try to assist kin members to attain their goals. We do not however do this through power levelling or continual hand holding. We find the best way to get difficult quests completed is by organising them on the forums. This allows members, whether low, mid or high level, to plan the event in advance and give kin members the opportunity to sign up and assist/ take part.

We have alliances with Middle Earth Legion and Council of Elrond.

In addition to using the forums we recommend the use of Ventrilo, with or without microphone, as this assists greatly for fellowships & general kinship.

As a rank 10 kinship we enjoy the benefits of a kinhouse. Our kinhouse is located in the Homesteads just to the South of Bree. As a member of the kin we are able to teleport to the kinhouse once an hour. The kinhouse has 3 chests where items that may of an interest to our fellow kin members are stored. If you need a specific item or have one you wish to donate please contact an officer (red flag by name) in kin chat.

If a kin member needs help with crafting once again the forums is probably the best place to make a request. There will no doubt be someone who can help, and it is upto the crafter and the recipient how they go from there – supply of materials is normally the only requirement.

We ask our kin members to act responsibly, courteously and to treat one another with respect as they would expect to be treated themselves.

Article supplied by Nikolandran.
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